Empower your business and achieve growth

by utilizing AVID Commerce technologies and solutions

AVID Commerce is standing by to learn how your company can also benefit from the technologies and solutions that we have at our disposal. Consider the following steps your roadmap to succeeding with Advanced Vertically Integrated Dialectic (AVID) growth:

1. Take a look at AVID's achievements.

AVID Commerce is constantly updating this site to profile our latest achievements. As of January 2010, plans are underway to introduce a series of demonstrations and screencasts profiling the latest advancements for both AVID Commerce functionality and client success.

If you want to see demonstrations that aren't published to the site as of yet, feel free to contact AVID Commerce directly. We'd be happy to give you a peek at our core offering of solutions.

2. Then, reach out to us.

AVID's goal is to establish long-term relationships to best execute on the growing and fluctuating goals of each and every one of our clients. To know what it takes to be a candidate for serious growth potential, AVID usually conducts a brief client profile to learn about the natures and nuances of your business.

During your first chat with AVID, expect to be offered a client profile questionnaire. The data collected will help AVID Commerce determine if we can help you with your commerce venture on the web.

3. Warning: expect big thoughts.

While AVID is dedicated to staying within the scope of every client's budget, it doesn't stop us from coming to bat with some pretty big ideas. The process we go through in analyzing each client's profile for growth is grueling and agressive. We:

  • Perform an analysis on the pulse of your industry looking for indications of present growth amongst the gorillas, technologies and strategies being used and how, with us, your company can build a competitive advantage.
  • Look into the online advertising models that are driving your industry. This search is for clues on what niche can be fully capitalized to drive additional traffic to your product or service in order to give an immediate return on your investment.
  • Carefully analyze your offering to see how it compares to the surrounding market. If anything you're pushing seems to go dark against the bright light of your competitors, we'll find it, and offer aggresive solutions to nullify risk.
  • Approach your operation with big-brand logics for we consider your customer to be the true indicator of where your business needs to go. We'll round out new ways to represent the trust your company engenders and help to place your brand into direct relation with your industry.

4. And find relief in flexible cost structures.

AVID Commerce is not here to bleed anyone dry. Your costs are directly related to the comittments you ask of us and the results that we provide to you.

With flexible entry points, customized modular software platforms, and open consideration of revenue share models that allow you to grow now, pay later, AVID can be a viable solution for every operation whether you're a start-up micro venture or a large business.

5. But don't forget to never, ever stop growing.

Progresive and aggregsive internet retailing relies on constantly being ahead of the curve -- or, in the least, right in the middle of it.

AVID offers its clients realistic and flexible maintenance agreements that allow you to remain at your best even after your new solution has been crafted.

Forget developing an internal marketing agency and rely on us for your day to day needs -- after all, we're experts, and we're ready to serve.