A variety of solutions for your web commerce model

and giving you a comprehensive e-tail team that's at arm's reach

Our Unique Relationship with E-tailers

From our back door, we watch the daily grind at Working Person's Store and take account of every challenge facing the operation. From data entry bottlenecks to pick-and-pack speed and efficacy -- we understand that all the pieces play a major part in ensuring that customers get their products on time, at the right price and with complete satisfaction.

These insights have helped us to develop the proprietary strategy and tooling that allows our clients to play with their best on the web.

Whether it's the latest miniCRM feature that helps your customer service reps perform at their peak, or the sharpest search engine strategy to get the right customers to your products -- AVID's combination of tools, software and strategy deserves a close look when considering your next solution.

AVID's Proprietary Web Platform

Built as a scalable enterprise PHP application, the AVID Commerce Core can be as minimal and cost-effective for a small mom & pop retailer, or as robust and full featured for a warehouse liquidator.

With its unique ability to accept the addition or removal of operative modules, AVID Core incorporates rich layouts, researched usability, a one-page checkout process, efficient CRM, and enough administration elements to operate as a sole back-office.

As the centralized commerce platform most often recommended by AVID Commerce, the Core can quickly prove effective to clients' needs while also providing all the technical components necessary to socket into dialectic SEO, PPC and traffic modeling processes.

Of course, AVID doesn't demand the use of its proprietary technology. Our staff can also fashion effective broad-spectrum commerce solutions around Magento Commerce, osCommerce and other web shopping cart systems.

Merchandising & Marketing Analysis

When you bring AVID service into your operation, we position ourselves as your electric marketing department.

We pride ourselves in our adaptability to learn your product, service & offering as intimately as your founders. By educating ourselves to the current quirks and present successes of your broad-spectrum industry or supplemental niche, we can progress with clear directives and effective solutions when marketing to your customers.

Everything from price evaluation to brand recognition to competitor spin and average order value is evaluated, and milestone goals are provided to allow you to better develop your unique selling proposition.

It's AVID's goal to help all of our clients stand alone as the leader in their particular arena, not fade away as a passive follower in the collection of "me toos".

Increasing Average Order Value (AOV)

Many AVID clients come to us after having failed execution on large initiatives to improve customer traffic modeling and increase average order values. Beyond the usual upsells and industry tricks most often suggested by other firms, there is another realm inclusive of customer trust values, effective product relationships and proper item presentation.

This is where AVID lives.

In a world where lower prices and higher volume seem to trump all other efforts, AVID helps clients to build visual navigations, logical product relation systems and quantified product freebies and promotional efforts.

With these concepts plugged into the sphere of social commerce, your operation can succeed in not only selling your baseline widgets, but also your doohickeies, thingamajigs, and whatsits.

Customer Acquisition Cost Management

Whether it's cumulative costs of your staff's man-hours in customer service, consultants' SEO efforts, or direct AdWords spend, it all plays a part in building the median value of each visitor your site receives. AVID Commerce helps balance these equations to ensure that the conversions coming in far exceed the spend going out.

By starting at the profit margins of the products visitors are being directed to, AVID considers the big picture and applies proven practice to make the most of every spend.

National-scope Design & Usability

At the center of AVID Commerce is the belief that all website vistiors are inherant consumers by nature. Whether your specific focus is a business to business (B2B) service or a direct retail product, the visitors you recieve have been programmed to associate trust with visual indications -- it's forced down their throats by big brands with massive advertising budgets every day!

AVID capitalizes on that reality by approaching every project as though it's a nationally recognized brand. By building in conventional (and sometimes, unconventional) visual trust reinforcers, and utilizing already proven methods of achieving consumer trust, AVID's clients enjoy sites that carry mass market appeal.

Contact an AVID representative today and find how you can achieve hang time with the big gorillas.

SEO & PPC Strategy & Management

You set the budget, the focus and the goal, and AVID Commerce will perform the research and other necessary tasks to bring your website into the light on every relevant search engine result page (SERP).

By combining the comprehension of today's common search behaviors with the calculations necessary to define acceptable risk, AVID builds call-to-action advertising campaigns profiling your offering as not only an undeniable steal, but also one that resonates with the customer's practical and emotional needs.

Overall, AVID works collaboratively with each client to define and then provide you with the tools, strategy and support necessary to achieve success with both organic and pay-per-click traffic.

Let us help to model and deliver the visits that your product or service deserves.

Custom Application Development

Whether it's massive augmentations to AVID's proprietary Commerce Core web platform, or a complex point of sale application that allows customers to visualize custom products before they ship, AVID Commerce has you covered.

We've been known to build custom imports, custom exports, push JavaScript, XML and JSON into any weird direction, and allow clients to simply manage every element of their product inventory through MS Excel spreadsheets.

AVID also prides itself on managing custom application development between clients and third-party and outsourced vendors. Let us meet with India at 2am on Skype while you sleep the night away confident of a job well done.

AVID has experience in the development of point of sale applications, shipping and payment logistics programs, warehouse and inventory synchronization, and integration with popular enterprise resource planners.

Entrust AVID with your application needs and enjoy solutions delivered on time, on budget and beyond expectation.

Social Commerce Initiatives

Ever "tweet" about a new product or post a link to Facebook regarding a recent find?

Even if you haven't, we guarantee you have customers just salvating to sample every crowd pleasing social enhancement to your website that you never bothered creating.

AVID Commerce works with clients to build social network marketing strategies that make sense and result in conversions, respect and excitement amongst your customer base. And, by presenting social commerce features in your web commerce or e-tail platform, you're not only telling your visitors that you have trusting, loyal customers, you're also opening the opportunity to get instant referal buisness only recently made available by the speed of the net's social platforms.

Don't feel that you have the products suited for such efforts? That's fine too - we won't press the issue.

ERP & CRM Planning & Integration

Navigating the world of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship managers (CRM) and order management systems (OMS) and inventory management solutions (IMS) and supply chain management (SCM) and electronic data interchange (EDI) -- enough already -- can seem like trying to memorize the periodic table of elements all over again.

Acronyms after acroynms after acronyms.

First, you may not really need them. The AVID Commerce Core proprietary web commerce platform has a lot of features that can stand in for the big application suites at a fraction of the cost.

Second, if you do need them, we have great success in connecting web shopping carts to point of sale systems to back office planning resources.

Third, if you need one, but have no idea what you need, we can help. We've done it a lot. We most likely just did it yesterday.