A company incubated from within an internet retailer

staffed by experts familiar with the unique problems your web operation faces every day

Built on the experiences and practices of key creatives at Working Person's Store's web commerce department, AVID Commerce has evolved its team with the addition of more critical thinkers and clear communicators to help administrate each and every day of our client's e-commerce goals.

We're programmers and graphic artists, SEO dorks and pay-per-click geeks, but most imporantly -- we're first and foremost web entrepreneurs.

AVID Commerce's primary strength sources from our unique perspective of having been exactly where you're at during one point or another. With offices literally perched at the back door of Working Person's Store, AVID staff is intimately familiar with the daily challenges your operation is facing.

Armed with this knowledge, we dedicate ourselves to solving problems by keeping tabs on the pulse of the web to identify the latest technologies and strategies that push web business to the extreme.

We're trend watchers, followers, and setters and we're never beyond building hybrid solutions -- effectively mixing what's being done elsewhere with what's never been done before.

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Key Leadership

Eric Deniger - New Business & Operative E-tail Logistics

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Melissa Kronewitter - Accounts Management

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Dan Carey - E-Commerce, SEO and PPC Strategy Consultant

Mr. Carey attended Brown Mackie College with a career focus in Computer Sciences and Networking Technologies. Mr. Carey's expertise is wide ranging, and spans multiple technologies such as Linux, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and HTML. Mr. Carey also has extensive expertise within the Search Engine Optimization field, as well as a number of Internet marketing related technologies.

Throughout the ninties and to date, Mr. Carey served in a management capacity in both the Business and Online Marketing Divisions of FurnitureFind.com, a leading e-commerce retailer specializing in the sale of furniture and home furnishings throughout North America, where he co-managed a number of online marketing initiatives, including search engine marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, data compilation and web site analysis.

From 2004 through 2007, Mr. Carey has served as e-Commerce Systems Integration Analyst to AVID Commerce, managing and integrating critical software systems, development and production environments, and a wide variety of campaign management tools on behalf of AVID Commerce Clients.

Josh Pennington - Integrations Logistics & Custom Applications

Joshua Pennington joined the AVID Commerce team in 2007 after graduating from Davenport University with a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems. Mr. Pennington has focused on core programming as his career passion and specialty.

Mr. Pennington is a third generation computer programmer, following in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather. He discovered his love for programming at the early age of 11. Writing his first computer programs on a TRS-80, Mr. Pennington enrolled in every programming class available in order to learn a large variety of languages and all the associated advanced concepts. Mr. Pennington's programming expertise includes various forms of BASIC, C++, Java, Visual Basic.net and PHP. He also has a strong understanding of other technologies including HTML, CSS2, AJAX, SQL, and XML.

With a strong background in object orientated concepts and data structures, Mr. Pennington now creates electronic data interchange protocols using SOAP and XML, as well as a variety of custom applications.

Chris Kubin - Data Resource Design, Graphic Marketing & Usability

Chris Kubin joined AVID in 2007 as a software developer and database integration specialist. Mr. Kubin attended Central Michigan University and received a B.A. in Computer Science and Information Technology, focusing on technologies related to the Internet and e-Commerce applications. Mr. Kubin has extensive experience in e-Commerce site development, as well as a lengthy operational experience in the Internet Service Provider sector.

Mr. Kubin has a very wide range of e- commerce work experience and skill sets, including, but not limited to, multiple programming languages, web related computer science implementations and operating systems. Examples include Linux, Apache, PHP, SQL, MySQL, XML, PERL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flash and Java. Mr. Kubin also has supplemental experience with image manipulation and creation with software systems such as Adobe Photoshop, the GD graphics library and Image Magick.

In addition, Mr. Kubin has created upper tier e-commerce implementations that includes secure online payment system integrations, custom data feed processing, customer interfaces, e-commerce fraud prevention and customer protection systems.